Posted by: lightening | March 5, 2008

Being a Princess

My last post has created lots of thought and discussion which is fantastic.  Thank you to those of you who have chosen to contribute.  I love the way we can share and learn together.  I’m sure that’s exactly what God would want.

I want to talk a little bit about the concept of being a Princess and also a little more about my thoughts on God being “in love” with ME.

I’ve been pondering what I read in the article “Look at Me! I’m a Princess”.  Thank you to the reader who shared it.  I think it’s great to be challenged on what we’re doing and why and to consider various viewpoints.

Now, I haven’t studied the article in depth but I do want to pick up on the point of whether or not we *should* be using the term “princess” to describe “daughters of God”.  In doing so, are we elevating ourselves to a position we don’t rightly deserve?   Is there too much focus on US rather than God.

I don’t believe so.  You see, a princess can’t be a princess in their own right.  Let’s lay aside the issue of marrying into a royal family and look purely at “birthright”.  There is NOTHING I can do to make myself “good enough” to become a Princess.

The ONLY way you can become a direct princess is to be BORN one.

OR, adopted by a King/Queen.

Being a “Princess in the Kingdom of God” has NOTHING to do with ME whatsoever.  It has to do with who God is and the fact that He has adopted us as His children.

I teach my daughter that she is a REAL Princess.  And I ask her the question “why”.  The answer to that question is “Because God is our Father and He is a KING”.  (let’s put pure theology aside for a moment here because this is about the HEART).

I don’t believe for a second that the teaching of being God’s Princesses has ANYTHING to do with elevating our own selves.  It has to do with WHO GOD IS.  To me, that is the MOST humbling thing in the world.  That God is so HUGE and AWESOME that he can take what I AM (nothing) and make it into something so valuable.  It’s awesome and VERY humbling.

I feel the same way about the term “God is in love with ME”.  That has nothing to do with who I AM.  It can’t.  Because next to God I am less than nothing.  It blows my mind that a God so big, strong, mighty, powerful, all knowing….. could be IN LOVE with ME.

This is about relationship.  As some of you have said.  This is about a courting process.  Spending time together.  Longing to have MORE time together.  Never running out of things to say.  Time speeding up when you’re together because it’s such an AMAZING experience.

In my mind, anything that brings us closer to God, that stirs a longing in our heart so deep to commune with God, has to be a GOOD thing.

Yes, we need to be mindful of WHO and WHAT God is.  None of this has to do with WHO we are or WHAT we’ve done.  It’s everything to do with WHO God is and WHAT he’s done.  But doesn’t that just blow your mind?  It blows mine.

Let’s keep this discussion and thinking process going.  I think it’s great to have many ideas and experiences brought together.  This isn’t about who is right and who is wrong.  It’s about encouraging one another to really THINK and draw nearer to God.

His hearts desire is a LOVE relationship with us.  His desire is that we walk with Him and talk with Him and share every little part of our day with Him.

Dear Lord, Help us to understand your love and your ways.  Help us to discuss and share these things in love and acceptance of one another.  We thank you that we have the gift of the internet to bring us together from all places near and far.  May our friendships grow and flourish and draw us closer to you in a special and real way.  I ask that you bless each person that ever reads this blog and this prayer.  That they may feel your warmth and your love touch them in a very special way.  Not because of who I am but because of who you are.  Thank you that you love us so much that you provided a way for us to adopted into your family. I am in awe and humbled by the fact that you love me so much, not because of who I am or what I’ve done but because of who YOU are and what you’ve done. Thank you.  Amen. 



  1. Ok. This issue of it not mattering what I’ve done is a hard one for me. I’ve done bad stuff. I’m limiting the way I think of God’s love because I’m thinking of it terms of how I love. And there is no comparison.

    More food for thought.

    On a side note, my friend Kath has just started blogging. She would like some friends so if you wouldn’t mind popping in on her blog sometime that would be great.

  2. She needs to write a post first!!!! 😉

    Sharon – just keep getting to know Him and the rest will come.

  3. mmmmmm!
    Wow! i am blown away too!Thanks jodi for your thoughts! I have never thought of being Princesses as part of my reward for good works etc…. Its a humbling and hard thougth to accept though as there’s no way I deserve a thing. But isnt it great that God loves us this way! It should be changing our own confidence! a journey for sure!

    Sharon – we have all done bad stuff – we have all sinned but we need to forgive ourselves and accept Jesus forgiveness…..for me over the past year or so I have and am still learning to surrender those things that I keep focussing on. which in the end eat away at me and I harbour, unconsciously to sometimes stop me from moving forward …. I am a visual person and I have only done this with help of my counsellor – yes embarrassing in some ways but very real in others….. verbally saying sorry to God and receiving a forgiveness and peace that only He can give me….. also verbally forgiving those who have hurt me….. and learning not to give them credit anymore…. but to let God deal with them because thats not my job….He is a big God and I cannot always be in control!!

    I am not sure that forgiveness means forgetting but I have been learning that it sure helps me feel better and released from many tough times adn issues….. I am now more open to learning and I ahve also found that I have been blessed because of Gods miracilous love…. I ahev been able to help others and relate to “real
    people again.

    This is not meant to be preachy.

    Don’t condemn yourself! Jesus is in love with each of us, whether we feel it or not, its reality.

    Praying that Jesus reveals himself in a real way to each of you over the next days…. adn hours…. I’d love to know how He meets you. Will you let Him?

    Sista love, Lynette

  4. Me again… God meets me in different ways all the time and I am sure I also miss Him at times too.

    However, sometimes when I am confused or feeling “off” i just get a piece of blank paper and a couple of coloured pens or pencils and sit alone in a quiet place ….. I may just write words, may draw pictures, may draw how I feel, and sometimes it looks like a kids picture, a scrawl, a letter, a sketch of something unknown to me…… and yet, I have a deep time with God in this,,,, as I pour my heart out on paper…..

    Sometimes this helps me make decisions, reinforces Gods plan for me, reveals some hidden woe, or just clears my head! I am not an artist at all…. but God can even speak to us in scribble!

    I have hardly ever shown anyone my “drawings” but at times they have helped me explain my thoughts and feelings to my hubby and counsellor..

    Why not see if this works for you?

  5. Lynnette: thank you so much. You have touched on something for me there. Maybe I need to actually ask for forgiveness out loud. Or write it down, since writing is one of my favourite passtimes. I will give it a go. I am getting better with the forgiveness issue with the help of counseling, Jodi, and now you! So thanks heaps.

    Jodi: She has posted now, so spread the love!


  6. Hey guys I was just listening to a CD in the car by the same guy as yesterday but he was talking about people being healed of physical and emotional things.

    WHen praying for healing he often asks people if they have ever forgiven the person at fault and sometimes its ourselves…… ? Most say no when they think about it and yet when they ask forgiveness in a simple prayer they are often healed… maybe not then and there but later.

    I was blown away again as the topic of forgiveness came up again adn the power that iunforgiveness can have in our bodies and hearts.

    However I do not believe that all illness and wounds are due to unforgiveness… so dont think I am telling you that you havent forgiven someone ok?

    I just pray that we, me also, are open to what God is trying to tell each one of us… we can all grow… it doesnt matter how fast or slow bacuse God is pleased with any growth toward Him.

    Cheers L

  7. I have a Christian message board/chat/arcade with a section called “Princess” and I was looking today for some content to include on that board. This fit perfectly. Personally I find it very humbling that God would accept the “likes of me” to be His princess. It has nothing to do with me and everything to do with His great love for me. An undeserved love I might add. All we, as princesses must do is what God has called us to do to fulfill the role that He has already equipped us for. My struggle with it is in remembering that since I am a princess, He has equipped me to be one.

    The website that I linked to is my blog. The address for my message board is Please come visit.

    God’s love to you,

  8. So can i teach my daughter that she is a real princess? I think it will make her feel special.

    • I believe so. Of course, there are some differences between the way the “world” looks at a Princess and the way God would. BUT, I do wonder if we’ve fully grasped the wonder of God being King of the World and us being a part of that. Kids seem to “get” that so much better than adults. 🙂

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